Barley Atta

Barley aka jou (also spelled jau) is known by the title of 'king of cereals'. The top reason is that it is a good substitute for wheat flour and is highly nutritious. It contains bran in its original form and provides a mild and nutty flavour. It contains high level of fibre which helps maintain skin elasticity. Consuming jou atta on a regular basis lowers cholesterol levels, aids weight loss, protects against cancer, keeps diabetes under control, helps in digestion, and is beneficial for anaemic people. Enough said, jou is one thing you could rely on for complete nutrition. Dinesh Flour Mills gets you the best quality of jou atta, packaged using advanced technology under hygenic conditions. DFM is your one stop shop for all raw food ingredients related needs. We are situated in the bustling Old Rajinder Nagar Market, New Delhi since 1976 and take stride in serving our clients the best in food.

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