Channa Dal

So now is the time for us to talk about the most delicious, easily digestible, and nutritious dal, which is chana dal. Chana dal is widely used in Indian kitchens for preparation of a lot of delicious things. It is known as split Bengal gram in English. You can make dal curry using this, add it to rice and soups, and make yummy salad using boiled dal chana. Made as a dal dish, it can be eaten either with rice or with roti. The aroma and rich flavour of the dal can make people go crazy for it. Thinking where to get the fine quality dal chana? Dinesh Flour Mills is right at your service. DFM is situated in Old Rajinder Nagar Market since over four decades now and is the best place to get all type of flours (from MP atta to makki atta, from multi grain atta to bajra atta and so on), sugar, rice (white, brown, parmal, etc.), lentils, and pulses etc. Head to DFM now!

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